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Ecomobl Surfboards Warranty

 Warranty: 6 Months

If there is a problem with the product during the warranty period (not artificial damage, the product has not been dismantled and modified), we will teach you how to deal with the product problem, and send you related accessories for free, until the problem is solved for you. Your warranty period starts from the date of purchase or confirmed delivery to you. Warranty shipping cost is the responsibility of the customer. Please note that used or demo products are final sale and no returns or refunds will be issued.



  • When the surfboard is not used in the water for a long time, turn it over or take out the battery and place in a shady area

  • After use in the water, DO NOT idle for more than 30 seconds to avoid damage to motor due to insufficient cooling.

  • When the battery is discharged, loosen the four screws and lift the battery out of the board. Open the protection cover of the punching hole and fully charge it

  • When the surfboard is not used for a while, charge the battery at least once every two months to maintain capacity.

  • After use for three months or use in sandy water, open the filters. Sitting in clean fresh water, start and stop the motor at the low speed setting for 3 minutes. Replace the filter screen (picture 8)

Caudal Fin Installation:

After use in sea water, flush the power system with plenty of fresh water aimed at the sand cover for at least 2 minutes (picture 7)





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