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Cycleagle Rebranding FAQ's

Why did Cycleagle decide to rebrand to Propel?

As a company heavily focused on research, development and engineering, branding was initially something they didn’t prioritize to the same degree as all other aspects of our business. The original logo, for example, was designed by their CEO! After taking feedback from their riders and working with consultants and designers they realized the Cycleagle name and design language actually weren’t reflective of the kind of company they are. The style didn’t capture their style. Propel isn’t just a name to them; it’s an ethos. They are confident they will propel personal electric vehicle technology forward. Riders trust their products to propel them across any terrain. Never content. Never concerned about what used to be the norm. They will always propel forward.

Are you marking down older Cycleagle stock to make way for the new?

Yes. We are marking down all remaining Cycleagle X4S stock almost exclusively due to visual aesthetic design change. The 2021 X4S will also have nearly 50% more watt hours in battery capacity stock than the original 2020 Cycleagle X4S did.

If I miss out on the 2020 markdown of the Cycleagle stock can Cycleagle make more at the same price?

No. Once the 2020 models are sold out that’s it! If you wish to own a part of Propel history with a Cycleagle board from their Indiegogo era you will need to act swiftly.

How will you be able to lower pricing on the new 2021 Propel and the 2020 edition?

Primarily through economies of scale. The research and development that went into building the X4S and the company was initially expensive for them but as sales have grown, they have been able to leverage that growth through economies of scale and pass those savings onto customers.

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