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Raldey Return Policy

  Because of the extremely high cost of shipping, taxes and other fees to our customers and Raldey, we have decided to not allow returns at this time. Please make sure the Raldey board is the right electric skateboard for you. We encourage you to do your research, watch reviews, and reach out to our ambassadors for questions! Once you receive the skateboard, the skateboard is yours to keep. We will help with troubleshooting and warranty as described above, but we will not provide refunds. 

      If your skateboard order has been shipped out from the Raldey Factory, we will not be able to cancel order for you, because after the order have been forwarded to the logistics company, we are no longer operable and cannot intercept the product.


DO NOT contact us at to begin. Products are not able to be returned. Please be sure of purchase!

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